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What others think:

Comments about Towanda

"I was told after 3 straight days of beautiful rides, scenes and sunsets the tour would get even better. I didn’t believe it! This has been the most fantastic dream tour and I will certainly tell every women biker I know about it!“

Anne, New Mexico/USA


"The past 3 weeks have been amazing! I will always remember the scenery, the riding, and especially the "wiggly bits!" Thank you for the daily massages! Would love any chance to join in on any future rides!"

Lisa, California/USA


"This was the very best organised trip I have ever done! I think, Liz and Tina are the best tour guides in the world. Hopefully, I can come back for another tour with Towanda.“

- Lisa, Munic/Germany.


"This tour is well worth its money. I had the pleasure of getting to know a wonderful country and some wonderful women. My time in New Zealand will be unforgettable and I will savour the experience for the rest of my life.“

- Kathrin, Berlin/Germany.


"I am riding since 35 years and have travelled extensively but the trip with TOWANDA Women was one of the best holidays of my life - if not THE best"

- Jo, Michigan, USA


"I have been nearly everywhere on a motorcycle: Canada, the Alps, Mexico, Africa and Tasmania. New Zealand was the ultimate riding experience, though. Unbelievable twisty roads and the scenery of a whole continent squashed into two little islands - absolutely incredible. I'd love to visit New Zealand on a bike again."

- Jo, Pforzheim/Germany


"Ride Downunder! Well organised, great scenery, heaps of neat women on motorcycles - what else is life all about?"

- Tina, Munich/Germany


"New Zealand is just overwhelming. This was a magnificent trip - much more than I expected in my wildest dreams."

- Katrin, Berlin/Germany

"Dear Tina & Clancy, thank you for the wonderful time together with you in New Zealand. It was a wonderful tour - thank you, especially for your friendship… I have seen a lot. I liked the contacts we had with Kiwis and the country and the cooking and… "

- Dani, Stuttgart/Germany.


"En in een woord: fantastisch!" ("Just fantastic!")

- Monique, The Netherlands.


"Just great!"

- Claudia, Speyer/Germany




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